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So I decided to create a site where people could pay for it to see more of my photos. Trainers that would train some of my clients, I just had too many people to train and not enough time.I can see that making good money What so cool about that is there is not that many Asians out there with their own websites, so it’s more of a niche and once I got started I really didn’t have any competition. Then I decided, shoot- I need to put myself on auto mode.Who do you think is your main audience in your site? I also have a facebook fan page it tells me how many are men and how many are female so its probably about 98% men on the website. What is your orientation, if you don’t mind me asking? I thought about this after I read this book called the “Four Hour Work Week” and it really changed my life.

Thus, Angel began researching various methods of transitioning into a man—a process that he began at the age of 28.Then, Angel and his therapist got in contact with a hormone doctor who worked primarily with transgender women as opposed to transgender men.The numerous psychiatric therapies that followed his fall eventually brought him back into society after encountering the first therapist, out of many, that stated he was a man.This concurrence was one of the first discussions that didn’t ostracize and generalize him as being a “gay woman.” Rather, he was embraced by his therapist, who shared the same view point of him identifying as a male.After that I put some of my pictures on and that’s when I started getting a lot of hits.

I debated with myself, why am I getting so many hits on model mayhem? Well, I became really demanded when I trained in the Bay Area and I had a lot of clients, and I didn’t really have the time to train everybody so I hired some helpers.

Author of three books available now , and one soon to be available, Le is a fitness expert, former collegiate athlete and personal trainer. Interesting story, it was back when I was in college, I used to wrestle over at Fresno state.

One of my friends on the team was asked by a photographer to go to a testing shoot for Playgirl. I did some other magazines then I stopped, I did Playgirl, I did Freshman, Torso.

Angel was never able to find the appropriate help that he needed during his adolescent years despite living a “normal” childhood.

The peace didn’t last long, because it began rapidly concaving into darkness and confusion from the constant bickering that society directed upon him.

Those words wore down Angel’s mental stability as he became more isolated and shy making it harder for him to communicate with others.