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- This is a gameplay called "Zombie Escape", play in a big map.

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Game map type is determined by the purpose of the - de_ type maps terrorists must mine a certain place, and the police to prevent this disaster (to prevent mine or deactivate already activated explosive) CS_ type maps terrorists must not allow police to rescue hostages, as_ type maps terrorists must shoot VIPs and police protection, and help to achieve a safe zone.Shortly after the Counter-Strike game's release came the illegal copy of the Counter Strike - It's called NON-STEAM CS.All this must be bought with the money earned in previous rounds.This particular version of the game, distributed by War Zone, includes all the ledgendary game modes from the franchise such as CS_Assault, DE_Dust, CS_Mansion, DE_Aztec and many more.Telepítő meg fogja találni a teljes max fps a PC Windows 7 és a Windows 8 operációs rendszer.

Eredeti 2015 a legújabb verziót lehet letölteni vagy telepíteni azonnal u Torrent programot.Proiectul nostru dorește să introducă Counter Strike 1.6 cs free download care este pe deplin protejat și gata pentru a se juca curat.Instalare, veți găsi o fps complet maxim pentru sistemul de operare PC Windows 7 și Windows 8.You download our Counter Strike 1.6 client you can find this map and at the same time you will be able to practice with Bot players!Couple day's ago we added and Counter Strike 1.6 torrent file to our website.The genre of the CS 1.6 is a first person shooter, the games also has offline and online modes (singleplayer and multiplayer).