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Cronenberg's trademark gross-out visuals are included. The game pods have buttons that resemble nipples and the way they plug into a person's body is all quite sensual.In one scene, for no particular reason, he has Law insert his tongue into Leigh's bio-port as if he's performing oral sex on her.Tra le innumerevoli applicazioni del fenomeno, ne possiamo trovare una realmente interessante: il Pod.Questo oggetto, in pratica un essere vivente artificiale, viene collegato al sistema nervoso centrale di un essere umano mediante una "bioporta", continua » non ho trovato scadente questo film di cronenberg, regista non totalmente amato da parte mia, ma che in questo fa' , innanzi tutto, un opera un po piu accessibile ,ma che mi entusiasma in un abile sospensione della realta, indecifrabile fino alla fine.What's real and what's just the game becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish. Like real video games there is a basic plot which must be followed but the actual details allow for quite a bit of freedom of choice on the part of the player(s).

For instance certain characters get stuck in pause mode until the correct trigger line is spoken to them by the player.

There is also a scene where Law eats a gourmet meal of mutant lizards and amphibians at a Chinese restaurant. After licking the deformed bones clean he constructs an organic pistol from the body parts just like the one that was used to shoot Leigh in the opening scene.

Leigh and Law don't have any particularly appealing chemistry together, although the game lamely tries to force a romance between them. They are believable as these characters that may or may not be who they seem.

The script explains this as something his character felt compelled to do by the game itself but just why this is the case isn't addressed.

Clearly it was a visual image Cronenberg desired to create simply to up the ick factor.

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