Dating fender strat plus

How to Date a Fender with Serial Numbers Reverb News Harmony guitars database This Fender Stratocaster guitar has an Ash body but only because it has a blond finish The neck date is and the body date partially hidden by .

In the 80s and early 90s, Japanese Fenders were well known for being superior to any other models and the quality is still top notch.

Neck wood and contour plays an important role in how the guitar sounds and how it feels to play.

Fender Stratocaster guitar Fender Strat guitar collector Strat Talk An early Fender Strat with an ash body original side pocket tweed case Body and neck dates are body date obscured by tremolo claw .

Help dating a fender p bass body Talk Bass com The Guitar Magazine my suggestion when you plan to bought a fender please ask first the serial number and then searching on internet like step to keep it on your mind .

A good tip when you’re trying out new guitars is to focus on how the guitar plays and sound acoustically.

Don’t start by plugging it into a loud amp and lots of pedals but listen to the acoustics, the natural resonance and sustain.

Depending on the radius, thickness and contour of the neck, maples are generally brighter sounding with a bit more top and less mid range.

Rosewood necks (or rosewood fretboard) has a slightly warmer tone with more mid range and perhaps an overall more balanced character.

Although a soft wood, it has a rich and warm tone with a smooth sustain.

Basswood has long been favoured by jazz musicians and it can also help to balance a bright punchy maple neck.

Like the neck, the wood used for the body, and its quality, plays a role in how the guitar sound.