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Ritwik Ghatak was one such explorer of life, surroundings and everything that misses the sight of ordinary people.His wife Surama Ghatak was just finishing her MA course when Ghatak began work on his most successful work till date, Meghe Dhaka Tara.

But first let’s get to know, the sorrowful journey from a dreamy young boy spending the golden days of his life, to an adult man, disgusted and frustrated at the socio-political situations engulfing the state then.

Ritwik Ghatak went on to direct a total of eight feature films but also displayed his sheer work of brilliance as a story and scriptwriter.

The cinematic world was yet to witness one of its most exceptional servers.

Ghatak’s maiden directorial work was “The Citizen” (Nagarik).

Ghatak often recalled his days back in Dhaka, where he steered his life’s journey on the road to adolescence, with a sense of overflowing sentiments carrying forward the pain he received in the days later.

His movies carried beautiful scenes of the picture perfect river Padma and its lush green surroundings, that were often based on his recollections of the days spent there.

The movie portrays the journey of the main protagonist Neeta, played by Supriya Choudhury.

Faced with the burden to satisfy the needs of an otherwise parasitical family, hell-bent on utilizing her until the last moment, to meet their needs and wishes, she almost steers herself to obliteration.

Ritwik Ghatak and his family had faced quite a lot of financial crisis, during this time, which many considers as one of the many reasons behind the deterioration of his mental health and his submission to alcohol.

As she recollects now, her husband began succumbing to alcohol post the commercial failure of “Subarnarekha”.

Ghatak’s empathy with the rootless, mixed with his obsession with their despair, finally found a vent in an otherwise confined space.