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Little Sasquatch - Lil'Sas--or his "point of view" more precisely--first appears in episode 27.

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" She then reveals that she has been aware of him for some time (since Dad fell from the tree in epi 28) but did not tell Dad, for fear of his (negative) reaction. We learn from Mary that Lil'Sas, who is a baby and can not speak, has told her (through sand drawings) that "evil people in helicopters" put him in a cage, forcing him to learn how to read and how to comprehend spoken English. To eventually replace his father, who is being forced to participate in Lax Jerk Cooked Pork commercials. See the graphic novel prequel for more information. While the ship does not appear in a any full-length episodes, it is featured in MADMA Short Film #2. Once they are delivered back to the Mothership, Lil'Sas fades into the background again, watching them closely.

They awake unware of how they got from the coffin back to the Mothership. How did you make Sasquatch's communicator in the game? It was made to look like an item in our video editing process.

Is he referring to You Tube viewers or others out there "like him" or something else entirely?

Study the graphic novel panels for more clues to who or what the others might be.... He has played various bits in previous short films and provide set design help as well.

Locations The Gigantic - Mary and Dad find themselves on the cruise "The Gigantic", courtesy of Redstone Weapons Laboratory.

They escape the ship and make it shore when it sinks "100 miles off the coast of the middle of nowhere" just prior to the start of the first episode.

The Mothership - Mary and Dad's initial home, dating back to episode one.