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Critics have said the programme threatens to alienate Muslims, with rights groups warning it could have the averse affect of driving people towards extremism.

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The last remaining Isis fighters in the group's self-styled "capital" Raqqa are expected to leave the city on Saturday night, taking civilians with them as human shields, according to reports.

In a withdrawal agreed with US-backed Syrian militias that have them surrounded, Syrian Isis fighters will leave the city on Saturday evening.

Isis used Raqqa as a base to plan attacks against the West.

The US-led coalition against Isis said a convoy was due to leave Raqqa on Saturday, in an arrangement agreed by local parties.

Elsewhere, The Maccabees refused to rule out the prospect of a headline performance at one of the UK’s top festivals this summer.

Singer Orlando Weekes told us: ‘Hugo [White, the band’s guitarist] has a reputation for revealing our plans when he’s not supposed to but we’ve told him to remain tight lipped tonight.Omar Alloush, a member of Raqqa's Civil Council, said the evacuation would include foreign fighters. The jihadists would be taking some 400 civilians with them as human shields, he said.The final defeat of Isis in Raqqa would be a milestone in efforts to roll back the theocratic "caliphate" the group declared in 2014 in Syria and Iraq, where earlier this year it was driven from the city of Mosul.They were forced to pull out of Glastonbury last year when frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg – but Michael Eavis has now said that Foo Fighters WON’T be headlining the festival this year either.Instead, the festival is set to be headlined by THREE British bands, with Coldplay already announced for the Sunday night of the Worthy Farm bash.“What is important here is that the more Isis are under siege and the more territory they're losing, the more they're going to channel their efforts and energies into terrorism,” he said in an interview with .