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However, the pilot episode has won wide acclaim — including Best Short at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, and has collected nearly 150,000 views on You Tube.

It certainly makes dating interesting when you’re dating your target demographic.

I don’t think that anyone has met someone directly because of the show, but I know that Jessica and I have had similar experiences where we’ll meet somebody or go on a date and they’ll be a fan of the show, or ask a lot about the show, and that’s certainly interesting.

Danny and I both live in New Jersey, and I visit Jessica a lot. was the first one to sign up with us, and they’ve been a very loyal partner, so we integrate their product — the app and the website — into the show, and they sponsor part of the episode. My cinematographer Jarrod Hurwitz had worked with them before, and when I was getting ready to release the first episode I knew it would be the perfect place to partner with a dating company.

So I go for Shabbat, or I’ll go to events there, but I don’t live in it. So I pretty much reached out to and spoke with every single Jewish dating app and website out there, and was the first one to make an offer and decide to take the risk, and they’re really happy because of course all of our audience now is introduced to

Last year the cult web series “Soon by You” swept the Modern Orthodox world off its feet with a playful and perceptive insider’s take on the intricacies of dating in the close-knit community.

The show, set on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, follows six Jewish singles as they juggle social, religious, and communal pressures on their journey to finding that ever-elusive true love — or at least someone who would agree on what type of school to send their future children to.But often that means staying up really late, working on lunch breaks, things like that.But we do what it takes to make it happen,” Gottfried told The Times of Israel.It’s a labor of love, says creator Leah Gottfried, who stars in the show along with co-producers Danny Hoffman and Jessica Schechter.“For all of us, it’s a passion project, and we make the time for it.But then Sara Scur came in to read for the role and she was just wonderful, and I realized that especially if I’m directing, she has the bigger role, and I just felt like Jacobs would be more fun for me to do.