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Five more stores are scheduled to be opened in 2015.Outdoor advertising will also be changed for all stores in the Netherlands in the current year.In response to customer surveys, which revealed that customers have a strong need for detailed product information, Leen Bakker set up a content team that is responsible for enhancing the webshop and physical stores with product information.

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Roche à Bayard Approx 3 KM away Gemechenne Approx 0 KM away Awagne Approx 3.4 KM away Fin Fourneau Approx 3.5 KM away Romerée Approx 4.3 KM away Dinant Approx 3 KM away Lisogne Approx 2.2 KM away Herbuchenne Approx 2.4 KM away Leffe Approx 3.2 KM away Dréhance Approx 3.2 KM away Boisselles Approx 4 KM away Sorinnes Approx 2.2 KM away Foy-Notre-Dame Approx 3.3 KM away Frêche Try Approx 3.1 KM away Thynes Approx 3.2 KM away Bouvignes-sur-Meuse Approx 4 KM away Grogneau Approx 2.6 KM away Faubourg Saint-Médard Approx 3.8 KM away Faubourg Saint-Nicolas Approx 2.7 KM away Le Buc Approx 2.3 KM away Address Zoning de la Voie Cuivrée 2, 5503 Dinant, Belgium.

Approx 1.37 KM away to Gemechenne and 2.71 KM to current Business.

Dat heeft alles te maken met de introductie van het Home-label.

Stoer, sfeervol en voordelig: met het nieuwe Home-label heeft Leen Bakker alles in huis voor een gezellig en warm interieur.

Customer surveys have also revealed that the first new-style Leen Bakker pilot stores have improved Leen Bakker’s image.

The core values of ‘competitively priced’, ‘contemporary’ and ‘original’ still shine through in the new stores while the retailer has, at the same time, managed to strengthen its competitive advantage in the home furnishings market.

During the year under review, the retailer converted existing stores into pilot stores: pleasant, well-organised and welcoming retail spaces that do a better job of meeting customers’ needs.

The retailer’s signature colours blue, red and grey have been replaced with fuchsia.

A large number of orders are delivered to customers’ homes by third-party providers.