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monitoring the baby and/or your behavior with the child, or preventing theft).

If the court finds that the cameras were for some illegal purpose (such as voyeurism, or disclosing private information to the public, or using the video for any sort of commercial purpose), then they will certainly not be covered, and may be found liable to you. If you are working out of someone's home, you have little legal recourse to being videotaped without your knowledge.

There are opportunities to be reporters and anchors (news, weather and sports), as well as to produce and direct newscasts.

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The wiutv3 station is the outlet for live, local television newscasts.

Students learn to gather news, cover news events, edit news packages and produce and direct half-hour newscasts that reach Macomb and Mc Donough County viewers.

They also learn camera techniques, post-production special effects, ENG and studio lighting and operating control room and how to use on-air studio equipment.

They use those skills to produce audio, video and interactive programming for multiplatform distribution.

On-air shifts are available to all majors every semester.

WIUS-FM and wiutv3 are student-run, under the guidance of faculty and staff.

It is currently legal in every state to make a video-only recording of anything happening at your home, at any time, without informing anyone.

The fact that the camera is hidden has no effect on this concept.

"Nanny cam" is a colloquial term used to describe small hidden cameras that people install in their homes for the purposes of monitoring a babysitter and making sure their child is not being abused.

A nanny cam is often disguised as another object, such as a teddy bear.

This is all the more disturbing because there is little to no law against this sort of interception.