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A Brazilian professor has refused life-changing surgery to remove a large tumour on her face.

Luciana Kele Dorini was born with a tiny birthmark on her right cheek that has swollen over the years, developing into a rare tumour.

Also featured is a 12-year-old girl who suffered with an ant infection in her head and the challenging journey of a Roger Logan, the man with the 60KG stomach tumour.

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) is the Brazilian city on the border of Iguaçu Falls.

Of course I won't stop thinking about the possibility of having surgery to reduce the volume, but for now, no.'I want to carry on the way I am.'Because of defects in the vascular system in AVM, blood vessels can burst, causing haemorrhaging.

It was the heavy bleeding of Luciana's gums as a baby that alerted her family to there being something wrong with her.

Luciana's mother, Lucia, said: 'The first time we noticed something different with Luciana, she was eight months old when her gums started haemorrhaging and we had to urgently take her to the doctors.'We went [for the surgery] and she almost died.

Not even the doctors knew what it was.'The doctor who treated Luciana, from Mangueirinha, in the southern state of Paraná, had cut through an abnormal artery in her face and diagnosed her with AVM.

I had no strength left to keep going.'Six years ago, vascular surgeon, Dr Marcio Miyamotto, contacted Luciana and said that he could potentially use liquid embolisation to block the blood flow to the tumour and therefore stop the haemorrhaging.