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And to be fair, this is not just a problem with museums in Japan.

Oh do I miss my college years because looking back, I feel so old!!lol So now that I’ve seen the movie, I can definitely tell you that there are a lot of truths to it and a lot was made up by Hollywood! My character, Erica Albright, is in the very first scene of the movie and Mark Zuckerberg and I did break-up over dinner.First and foremost, this project is a labor of love.Second, it is a tribute to Kamakura, my home for the past 20 years, and home to dozens of temples from the Kamakura Era (1185-1333), which still house and display wondrous life-size wooden statues from the 8th century onward.I’m not sure how I feel about that but I can’t really say much else because I am now under contract. So, I thought I would create a place to tell my side of the story and for people to learn about the real me!

So keep your eyes open because you’ll be seeing me, Erica Albright on MTV!!! 🙂 I’ve been trying my best to ignore all of the hype surrounding The Social Network, but I’ve gotta say, it’s been difficult. So I went to see the movie, “The Social Network” (based on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg) last night and I’ve got to tell you….There are dozens of Buddhist temples & Shintō shrines near my home in Kamakura, many dating from the 8th to 13th centuries, many open to the public.There are 400 deities herein, & 4,000 photos of statuary from Kamakura, Nara, Kyoto, & elsewhere in Japan.Maybe I’m being overly sensitive today for some reason but I just need to get a few things out in the open.The movie ‘The Social Network’ really depicts me as being a b*tch.🙂 So for the next 6 months, my privacy has gone out the window! I’ve been reading so many things online about me that are totally not true.