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Fencing in some areas consisted of wire blankets and/or tarps thrown over as a visual block.People without tickets on the outside would "storm the fence" and got in for free.In some earlier posts I had some great fun discussing many quirky aspects of how to propose a girl – here, here & here.

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Some of this confusion was generated by the participating musicians themselves who, in later interviews, often mixed up the two events.The latter event was organized by Mark Robinson (age 25), who was one of the three promoters of the original Newport Pop Festival in 1968.Her heart will be racing with apprehensions about getting some sort of bad news from the school/college authorities …and you’ll be present at the designated place & time to give her the best news of her life (according to you ;)). Write one of those cheeky “John Jane = bliss” messages on the blackboard, big enough for everyone to see. Are you currently in a relationship with/married to your erstwhile classmate?Put a very serious looking notice on the noticeboard saying something like, “the following five students have been called at such an such hour to such an such office.” Include her name, of course.

Inform the other four students of your plan beforehand.The second event was originally billed as "Newport 69," and was held over the three-day weekend of June 20–22, 1969 in Northridge, California at Devonshire Downs.In published writings over the last 40 years, this latter event has been referred to as the "Newport 69 Pop Festival," the "Newport Pop Festival 1969" or simply the "Newport Pop Festival." Subsequently, much confusion has been created over the years between the 19 events.It’s best if you can convince a friend of hers to do it, ‘cause he/she would already have her trust and hence you’ll have more chances of success.;) …In the 90’s – you can declare it to the whole world, the earth, the Nature, God (…also your professors ;) ) by doing it on the stage.In the last three days before the show, it was moved to one of the adjoining parking lots of the fairgrounds.