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The bridge where the lorry went over is closed a few times a year because of the wind." Bridgewater Place is, at 32 stories, the tallest building in Leeds and is visible from up to 25 miles away.

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The pair went on TV to plead for assistance with the investigation.Days later, the police arrested both Michael Cunnigham and Amanda Hartley (then Mc Kenna) on suspicion of setting the fire themselves.There were reports of huge debts, or that they hoped to gain financially from any fire fund that would be set up, but the death and injuries to the boys were not part of the plot. They were both Drogheda natives who had gone to live in Leeds a number of years earlier but in truth, never really settled.Amanda Hartley's first child died from cot death in 1991 when just nine months old.He had suffered 50% burns – his brother, Billy, still fought on with 30% burns to his body.

The residents of Seacroft were shocked and although many might not have had too much money, they began a trust fund for the family. There had been reports of arson attacks on the Cunningham home before.

In February 1994, their home at Upper Seacroft, Leeds, had been set on fire.

In advance of the fire that claimed Jimmy's life, there had been more attempts.

An environmental expert who works nearby told The Daily Telegraph: "For the last few years you've had to be really careful walking around there.

"People often have their glasses blown off and I've seen people pushed off the pavement.

But trapped inside were their two little boys, Billy (six months) and Jimmy (20 months).