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Key synagogue-specific features: Aliyah, Yahrzeit, Shalach Manot, graphical seating, and cemetery modules Other key features: Accounting, calendar, donations, event management, membership management Here’s a complete list of Chaverware’s features. As a newer product, Congregation Connect has a streamlined interface that will feel familiar to tech-savvy users.

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For example, a High Holiday seating module, Aliyah blessings, and a Yahrzeit module are all features that you’ll only find in synagogue software.If your synagogue is using outdated technology or a spreadsheet to get by, you’re missing out on these customized features, not to mention all the other standardized functions—such as attendance tracking, calendar, donation, membership management, etc.—that all houses of worship can benefit from.The New York-based company claimed more than 600 clients as of 2011.The latest cloud-based release, Chaverware 6 in 2014, added dashboards and a documentation Wiki.“The community around the vibrant, high-energy music is growing steadily.” Joel, who has traveled to Zimbabwe to study the country’s traditional music, has a band called Rattletree that precedes the school’s existence.

Joel built all of the school’s marimbas by hand and said he decided to become a musician at a young age.

He has studied the traditional Zimbabwean instrument the mbira since the 1990s.

Karen Green, who played in Joel’s band in the late 2000s and recently returned to the marimba band fold, said she is not surprised to see his persistence pay off.

“It’s a business model that started from a dream and someone who had a lot of expertise [in the subject]and has been their livelihood,” Green said.

We’ve written at length on this blog about church management solutions for Christian churches of all shapes and sizes. An Idealware research report commissioned by UJA-Federation of New York, “A Guide to Synagogue Management Systems,” found that: Why this discrepancy?

According to the Idealware report: “Even when systems are quite out of date, and have been in place for years or even decades, synagogues report satisfaction with their current technology and workflows.