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As a result of ABC and Jim Janicek's plan for Friday brand familiarity, definitive changes occurred to the lineup on Friday, September 22, 1989. For the first time, another show's cast assumed hosting duties for the interstitials in place of the stars of Perfect Strangers.

An opening sequence for the two-hour block was introduced, featuring animated mice against a gray background. Dave Coulier, John Stamos and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (alternating as Michelle Tanner) all appeared on the set of Full House introducing the season and series premieres that night.

Janicek, in response, came up with the idea promote the restructured lineup under a unified brand name, Terrific Tuesday, to draw audiences to the changes, to reference the two additional sitcoms that were being offered, and especially as a nod to Who's the Boss?

and the freshman smash hit Roseanne, which now served as a strong anchor for the expanded comedy lineup.

Over the summer, ABC began promoting the Friday sitcoms under the experimental title, "The Friday Fun Club".

While Terrific Tuesday and What-a-Wednesday were both on tap for the 1989–90 fall season, the Friday branding concept was to undergo a revision before September. The mice held up title cards containing the selected theme lyrics "Thank goodness" and "It's funny! The sequence concludes with the older mouse breaking a grandfather clock with a mallet, which cut to the hosted interstitial.

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TGIF is the name of a defunct American prime time television programming block that aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), initially from 1989 to 2000.

Family-friendly comedies, which featured families with children as major characters, were a staple of ABC's programming dating back to the network's earlier sitcoms from the 1950s onward, such as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (which premiered in 1952), Leave It to Beaver (which moved to ABC in 1958, after spending its first season on CBS), The Donna Reed Show (which premiered in 1958), The Flintstones (which premiered in 1960, but was largely an adult-oriented animated comedy until the birth of Pebbles in 1963), The Brady Bunch (which premiered in 1969), and The Partridge Family (which premiered in 1970; that series and The Brady Bunch became part of the Friday night lineup at that time).

All of these shows are considered television classics to this day.

Recalling his childhood when his family would gather to watch The Wonderful World of Disney, he was inspired to create a family-oriented comedy block.

In 1988, Janicek began gaining support for his concept by approaching the studios and talent of independently produced ABC shows, promoting the synergy and potential success of the family block brand.

TGIF was created and executive produced by Jim Janicek.