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This was voted by you guys as BY FAR the most SHOCKING moment in The Walking Dead comics (and we must say we agree with you)!

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JUST when we felt everyone in Alexandria was finally safe (they had candle shops for God’s sake) new baddie Alpha goes and infiltrates the walls, chats up the locals, AND MURDERS, DECAPITATES, AND PLACES THE HEAD OF BELOVED CHARACTERS LIKE ROSITA AND EZEKIEL ON SPIKES.Although we’re still feeling the repercussions, it’s obvious this move will serve as the inciting incident for something BIG from Team Rick.All prices on this website are in £ sterling and include V. Forbidden Planet Ltd makes every effort to ensure that the contents listed on this website are correct.However, errors may occur and Forbidden Planet Ltd reserves the right to alter product prices and information on this website without notice.Here are the highlights: We know a LOT of shocking moments have occurred throughout the series…but this one was one of the ctaziest non-death-related moments. This parental act of awesomeness made Liam Neeson’s Taken character look as badass as the fake baby from American Sniper. It sucks even harder if cannibals treat you like a giant pork-chop.

Carl’s boo Lydia comes from a mysterious community that wears skin as clothes so MAYBE this isn’t the strangest thing about her. Holy sh*t these bandits messed with the wrong parent. HOWEVER, if you’re Dale and you had just been bitten by a zombie then prepare to sit back and hysterically laugh at the cannibals eating your TAINTED MEAT. Hate to say anyone deserves to die, but this IS The Walking Dead.Other reasons for price alteration may include (but are not limited to) taxation changes or other duty increases.In the event that Forbidden Planet Ltd changes the price of an item due to an error, the following Terms apply.THE WALKING DEAD #145 STORY: ROBERT KIRKMAN ART: CHARLIE ADLARD, STEFANO GAUDIANO & CLIFF RATHBURN COVER: CHARLIE ADLARD & DAVE STEWART AUGUST 12 32 PAGES/BW/ M .99 Volume 24: THE WALKING DEAD VOL.24: LIFE AND DEATH STORY: ROBERT KIRKMAN ART: CHARLIE ADLARD, STEFANO GAUDIANO & CLIFF RATHBURN COVER: CHARLIE ADLARD & DAVE STEWART AUGUST 26 136 PAGES/BW/ M .99 "As the fair opens at Alexandria, old friends return from afar and new adversaries make their introductions.How many other comics have you read where a baby is taken out WITH A SHOTGUN?!