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Last night, Zimbabwe's military stormed the country's national broadcaster's studios to declare it is 'targeting criminals'.The army was praised today by the nation's influential war veterans for carrying out 'a bloodless correction of gross abuse of power.' The military will return Zimbabwe to 'genuine democracy' and make the country a 'modern model nation,' said Chris Mutsvangwa, chairman of the war veterans' association.Miscellaneous Dating Sites Live Chat Dating Sites Single Travel Sites Dating Directories Pen Pal Dating Sites Social Networking Sites Dating Topsites Dating Communities Dating Sites Reviews Dating Advices & Articles NEVER SEND MONEY TO OTHER MEMBERS FOR WHATEVER REASON!

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General Constantine Chiwenge, the head of the army, travelled to Beijing last week and held meetings with top brass from the Defence Ministry.When he returned, he challenged Mugabe's sacking of his vice president, which sparked the suspected coup.The Chinese foreign ministry has insisted it was a 'routine visit', according to the Telegraph, though analysts have suggested China gave the rebellious army chief their blessing amid concerns the country is having a growing influence over Africa.There were reports today that police were being beaten by soldiers in Harare's central business district while a picture on social media appears to show officers sitting in a line with troops guarding them.But the 52-year-old first lady is unpopular among many Zimbabweans for her lavish spending on mansions, cars and jewels.

Last month she went to court to sue a diamond dealer for not supplying her with a 100-carat diamond she said she had paid for.Britain, Johnson said, had always wanted Zimbabwe's citizens to be masters of their fate.He said Britain would do all it could to ensure that elections next year were free and fair.'We will do all we can, with our international partners, to ensure this provides a genuine opportunity for all Zimbabweans to decide their future.'Soldiers stormed the headquarters of state broadcaster ZBC in the early hours of Wednesday, two members of staff and a human rights worker told Reuters, as staff complained they were manhandled by the military members.If another member asks you to send money or to pay for agency, translation or any other services - please report one immediately!This is known as free online dating SCAM and is strictly prohibited on our website.South Africa and other neighbouring countries were sending in leaders to negotiate with Mugabe and the generals to encourage the transition.